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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *dalp`V ( ~ -e-, -p-)
Meaning: to shake, sway
Russian meaning: качать, махать
Turkic: *jelpi- / *jalpɨ-
Mongolian: *delbe- / *dalba-
Comments: KW 87. An expressive Turk.-Mong. isogloss, tending to merge (both in Turk. and Mong.) with the reflexes of *dĕ̀lp`à 'flat, broad' ("to shake, flatter (of flat objects)"). One cannot exclude that a merger indeed took place, and the original shape of the root had been *dalV ( ~ -e-) without the *-p`-: cf. WMong. dalaji- 'to brandish, swing' (see TMN 1, 328-329), dele- 'to wave, flap (wings)'; Karakh. jalŋu 'flip-flap, the swing' (EDT 930), see SKE 258.

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Turkic etymology :

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Proto-Turkic: *jelpi- / *jalpɨ-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 to flap, winnow 2 to shake, sway 3 fan
Russian meaning: 1 махать, веять 2 трясти, качать 3 веер, опахало
Karakhanid: jelpit- 1 (caus.) (MK)
Turkish: jelpaze 3
Tatar: ǯilpe- 1
Middle Turkic: jelpi- (Sangl.)
Uzbek: jelpi- 1
Uighur: jälpü- 1
Azerbaidzhan: jelpik 3
Turkmen: jelpe- 1
Khakassian: čelbe-, čalbra- 2
Oyrat: jelbi-, d́elbi- 1, jalbra- 2
Yakut: salbɨrā- 2
Tuva: čelbi-, čelwi- 1
Kirghiz: ǯelpi-, ǯelbire- 1
Kazakh: želpi- 1
Noghai: jelpi- 1
Bashkir: jelpe- 1
Karaim: jelpi- 1
Karakalpak: želpi- 1
Kumyk: jelpi- 1
Comments: EDT 920, VEWT 182, 196, ЭСТЯ 4, 182. Derivation from *jel 'wind' is highly improbable (at the most we can speak of a secondary contamination of roots).

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Mongolian etymology :

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Proto-Mongolian: *delbe- / *dalba-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: to shake, sway, wave
Russian meaning: качать, трясти
Written Mongolian: delbegene-, delbelǯe-, dalbalǯa- (L 225, 247)
Middle Mongolian: dilbu- 'to fan' (MA 213)
Khalkha: delbegne-, delbelʒe-, dalbalʒa-
Buriat: dalba- 'махать, развеваться'
Kalmuck: delwlzǝ-, dalwlzǝ-
Dagur: delebure 'fan' (MD 136)
Comments: KW 75, 87. A Mong. origin is probable for Oyr. talbɨ-, Turk. tal(a)bɨ-, dalabɨ- etc. (see EDT 493), although one should note that the derivatives talpɨn- and talpɨr- are already attested in MK.

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