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Mongolian etymology :

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Proto-Mongolian: *merge-n
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: sharp-shooter
Russian meaning: хороший стрелок
Written Mongolian: mergen (L 537)
Middle Mongolian: mergan (HY 37, SH)
Khalkha: mergen
Buriat: merge(n)
Kalmuck: mergṇ
Ordos: mergen
Dongxian: merɣen (Тод. Дн.)
Dagur: mergen (Тод. Даг. 154), meregen (MD 190)
Monguor: mergen (SM 236), murgen
Comments: KW 261-262, MGCD 485. A later semantic development is 'sharp-shooter' > 'skilled, wise', although Doerfer (TMN 1, 498) suggests rather 'skilled' > 'skilled in shooting'. If he is correct, the Mong. word should be removed from the Altaic etymology. In any case, Mong. > Manchu mergen 'a very good hunter or fisherman; outstanding, wise, worthy, skilled', Evk. mergen 'mind, reason' etc. (see ТМС 1, 571, Doerfer MT 80, Rozycki 158),

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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *m[ī́]ro
Meaning: arrow
Russian meaning: стрела
Turkic: *bǖri
Mongolian: *merge-n
Tungus-Manchu: *m[i]rV
Comments: A Western isogloss. Vocalism is somewhat uncertain.

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Turkic etymology :

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Proto-Turkic: *bǖri
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: head of an arrow
Russian meaning: наконечник стрелы
Karakhanid: büri 'end of shaft inserted into arrow head' (MK)
Yakut: bür-ges (dimin.) 'awl, arrow with awl-like head'
Dolgan: bǖrges 'ein Kampfpfeil mit pfriemförmiger Spitze'
Comments: EDT 356, VEWT 71, Stachowski 69.

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Tungus etymology :

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Proto-Tungus-Manchu: *m[i]rV
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 arrow 2 cross-bow
Russian meaning: 1 стрела 2 самострел
Even: mīr 1
Nanai: moralị 2
Comments: ТМС 1, 537.

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