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Meaning : "wolf, dog" | Query method: Match substring

Borean (approx.) : KVNV
Meaning : wolf, dog
Eurasiatic : *ḲüjnA
Afroasiatic : *kwVHen-
Sino-Caucasian : *χHwĕ́je
Austric : PAN *u(ŋ)kuq 'puppy'? (POc. *nkaun 'dog'?)
Amerind (misc.) : *(a)kuan 'dog' (R 179) [+ A K]
Reference : МССНЯ 334, ОСНЯ 1, 361-362; GE 7 *kuan (+ ? Khois., ?IP).

Eurasiatic: *ḲüjnA
Meaning: wolf, dog
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *k'uu̯on-
Altaic: ? *káŋV
Uralic: *küjnä 'wolf' (Wichmann FUF)
Eskimo-Aleut: *qǝnʁa- (~ *qiHǝnʁa-?)
Comments: [For PA cf. rather PIE *(s)ken- 527?]
References: МССНЯ 334, ОСНЯ 1, 361-362; ND 1083 *Ḳüy(a)n̄V 'wolf, dog'.

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