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Proto-Altaic: "*u{>}k`urkV" | Query method: Match substring
Proto-Altaic: *ŭk`urkV ( ~ -o-)
Nostratic: Nostratic
Meaning: rope, lasso
Russian meaning: веревка, аркан
Turkic: *ukruk
Mongolian: *uɣurga
Tungus-Manchu: *oKurga
Korean: *ork-
Comments: Владимирцов 247, PKE 136-137. Despite Doerfer MT 96 and Щербак 1997, 120, the word seems to be inherited (loans Turk. > Mong. and Mong. > Tung. are not easily explained phonetically). The stem appears to be an old derivative with the suffix *-rga, but the deriving root is hard to find. Poppe 1972, 96 cites Evk. oku- 'to catch a bird with a snare' which we were unable to locate; there exists, however, Manchu oχolǯon, oχolǯi 'snare, loop' (ТМС 2, 10) which is likely to contain the same root. The relationship to the synonymous *p`ŭrVk`V 'rope, lasso' q. v. remains unclear; the two stems are clearly distinguished in several subgroups, but (due to the development *p`- > h-, 0-) are easily confused. The Mong. form *uɣurga is interesting: it is exactly parallel to Turkic *ukruk and shows the same cluster development (*-kr- > -ɣ(V)r-) as *bŭkrV ( > buɣur-čak) and *č`ik`-rV ( > čiɣire) q. v.

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