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Entry: gutna-khopnɨ
Grammar: n.
Meaning: kneecap, patella.
Derivation: [gutna 'knee' + khopnɨ 'cap']
Entry: ki:mkopnɨ
Grammar: n.
Meaning: roof
Nepali: chānā.
Derivation: [ki:m 'house' + kopnɨ 'to thatch']
Entry: kopnɨ
Kiränti etymology: Kiränti etymology
Grammar: vt-2a kopt/kop-kuph/kup
Meaning: thatch
Nepali: chaunu.
Entry: khopnɨ
Grammar: vt-2a khopt/khop-khuph/khup
Meaning: 1) plug up, cap, cover; 2) n., cover, cap
Nepali: ḍhakanā, birko.
Comments: 1) cf. depnɨ
Entry: khopnɨ
Grammar: vt-3 khuph/khup-khop
Meaning: winnow (e.g. lomdzom 'grain')
Nepali: cāmal, sāʔval
Comments: Nep. niphannu.
Entry: khopnɨp
Grammar: n.
Meaning: flat round winnowing basket
Nepali: nāŋlo
Derivation: [khop- < khopnɨ vt-3 'winnow' + -nɨp ʔ]
Comments: cf. khopbɨ.
Entry: lopnɨ
Grammar: 1) vt-3 luph/lup-lop 2) n.
Meaning: 1) catch, seize, grab; pounce upon (said of wild animals and their prey) 2) hilt, haft, handle.
Nepali: 1) samāunu, samātnu, pakaḍnu
Comments: 1) cf. roNnɨ
Entry: mi-opnɨ
Grammar: n.
Meaning: flint
Nepali: cakmak
Derivation: [mi 'fire' + opnɨ vt-2a 'hop, spark, catch fire']
Comments: cf. tsipuli.
Entry: mopnɨ
Grammar: vt-3 muph/mup-mop
Meaning: (with non-referential third singular patient) grope, touch around for, feel one's way about
Nepali: cāmnu.
Entry: opnɨ
Kiränti etymology: Kiränti etymology
Grammar: vt-3 uph/up-op
Meaning: 1) toss, cast (esp. ya:lɨ 'a net')
Nepali: 1) jāl hānnu
Comments: Se:r uphini They performed the ceremony of niNdza: (lit. They tossed the lice); cf. niNdza:.
Entry: opnɨ
Kiränti etymology: Kiränti etymology
Grammar: vt-2a opt/op-oph/op
Meaning: a) make spark, cause to spark, strike (flint); b) (with non-referential third singular agent agreement and patient agreement with sole nominal argument) 1) bounce (of mulu 'hail'); prance about, hop (e.g. of insects); pop, pop into the air (of muluswasi 'maize' being popped); 2) catch fire, spark, start to blaze
Nepali: 1) uchiṭṭinu; 2) jhulkinu.
Derivation: [dir. < opnɨ vt-3 'toss']
Comments: 2) - Na:m optɨ The sun has started to shine.
Entry: phopnɨ
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: put a lid on something, cover
Nepali: ghapṭāunu, khapṭāunu.
Entry: se:r opnɨ
Grammar: n. + vt-3 uph/up-op
Meaning: to enact or perform the NiNdza: ceremony
Nepali: pitrö bujhāunu.
Derivation: [lit. to toss the lice]
Total of 13 records

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