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Entry: tha:mmaʔ, -tha:nd-/-tha:n-
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: succeed
Comments: tha:nduN I succeed; ya:mbɔk ca:m: mɛ-dha:nd-u-n (task perform-INF NEG-succeed-3P-NEG) He did not succeed in carrying out the task; mɛ-n-dha:m-baN (NEG-NEG-succeed-1s?3/PT) I did not succeed at it; tha:ndwi: mɛdha:ndunni:? Did he succeed ot didn't he?
Entry: tha:mmaʔ, tha:ps-/-tha:m-
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: show to someone
Derivation: [caus. < tha:pmaʔ be visible]
Comments: tha:psɛsɛʔ! Show it to them!; tha:mmaʔ mɛhe:ʔrun He was unable to show it; cf. o:ndha:kmaʔ, ta:kmaʔ.
Entry: tha:mmaʔ, -tha:ps-/-tha:m-
Kiranti etymology: Kiranti etymology
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: let someone fall, trip someone, throw someone or something to the ground
Derivation: [< thamaʔ fall]
Comments: hɛnaN kɛ-dha:ps-u? (why 2-trip-3P) Why did you trip him?; cf. thamaʔ, thammaʔ, tha:maʔ.
Total of 3 records

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