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Entry: mutthamaʔ
Grammar: vi.irr.
Meaning: fall (through the air)
Comments: cf. muttha:ma.
Entry: thamaʔ
Kiranti etymology: Kiranti etymology
Grammar: vi.irr.
Meaning: 1) fall; 2) set (of the sun) ; 3) -na thamaʔ lose face; 4) (with samba:n 'punishment') undergo punishment, be punished; 5) cadent aspectivizer highlighting falling motion
Comments: 1) wiʔl tha It's raining; wiʔl tha kusiN lɔʔ It looks as though it's going to rain; na:N the: It snowed; cf. thamaʔ, thammaʔ, tha:maʔ, tha:mmaʔ 2) nam the: The sun set 3) sa:ʔrik ana the: (very my-face fall/PT) I have really lost face, I have really been put to shame; kɛna thei:? Have you been dishonoured?; kuna tha He will be disgraced; cf. tha:maʔ (4) 4) samba:n kɛ-dha-ʔ [punishment 2-fall-DEF] You'll be punished 5) vide 5.3.3; kubhɛkwa lu:gɛ dhe: The tree has shed its leaves.
Entry: thamaʔ
Grammar: v.irr.
Meaning: relinquitive aspectivizer 'to leave', vide 5.3.4
Comments: tho: yuks-u-N dha-N (above put-3P-1sA leave-1sA) I left it up there; tha:ʔ-ʔɛ-dha-ʔɛ laʔba (leave behind for-1sPS/NPT leave-1sPS/NPT probably) He'll probably leave it behind for me; cf. tha:ʔmaʔ.
Entry: thamaʔ, -thas-/-tha-
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: shake off, thrash
Derivation: [caus. < thamaʔ fall]
Comments: cf. thammaʔ, tha:mmaʔ.
Total of 4 records

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