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Proto-Altaic: *ătV
Meaning: horse
Russian meaning: лошадь
Turkic: *ăt
Mongolian: *aduɣu-
Tungus-Manchu: *abdu-
Comments: Новикова 1972, 108, АПиПЯЯ 15, Doerfer MT 99. A Western isogloss. Cf. also PT *adgɨr (Лексика 442, ЭСТЯ 1, 107-108, Stachowski 40), Mong. aǯirga 'stallion', Dag. adirag, ad́irga, S.-Yugh. aǯirɣa, Mongor aǯirGa (see KW 2, Владимирцов 397, VEWT 6; TMN 2, 186-187, Щербак 1997, 94: Turk. > Mong.; Mong. > Evk. aǯirga etc., see Poppe 1966, 192, Doerfer MT 75, MKor. ačirkǝi măr, see Lee 1958, 119). It is possible to reconstruct *atbV or *abtV.
Proto-Altaic: *mórV
Nostratic: Nostratic
Meaning: horse
Russian meaning: лошадь
Turkic: *bura (?)
Mongolian: *mori
Tungus-Manchu: *murin
Korean: *mằr
Comments: EAS 79, 141. Somewhat dubious as a PA etymon: the Turkic reflex is questionable, the Tungus forms may be borrowed from Mong., see TMN 1, 507-508, Doerfer MT 25, Rozycki 159 (although the vocalism is not quite satisfactory for a loan); however, the Kor. word is hard to explain as a Mong. borrowing.
Total of 2 records

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