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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *vIj- (*-s-)
Meaning : extension, great
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : viyam
Tamil meaning : extensiveness, height
Tamil derivates : viyal greatness, width, expansion, extension, vastness, abundance; viyaluḷ wide, open space; viyan_ greatness, vastness, excellence; vēn_ excess
Malayalam : viyam
Malayalam meaning : extension
Number in DED : 5404
Proto-South Dravidian : *vIjar-
Meaning : sweat
Tamil : veyar (-pp-, -tt-), vēr (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to sweat, perspire; n. perspiration
Tamil derivates : viyar (-pp-, -tt-) to sweat, perspire; n. perspiration, weariness, exhaustion; veyarvu, veyarvai, veyarppu = viyar n.; vērppu, vērpu, vērvu, vērvai, viyarppu, viyarvai sweat, perspiration
Malayalam : viyarkka
Malayalam meaning : to perspire
Malayalam derivates : viyarppu, vēr sweat
Kannada : bemar(u), bevaru
Kannada meaning : to perspire; n. perspiration
Kannada derivates : bemaruvike perspiring; bemarcu to cause to perspire; bevi to perspire
Kodagu : bevar- (bevari-)
Kodagu meaning : to sweat
Kodagu derivates : bevarɨ sweat
Tulu : begaruni, begapuni
Tulu meaning : to perspire
Tulu derivates : begarụ, bemarụ perspiration
Number in DED : 5486
Proto-South Dravidian : *vik-
Meaning : to hiccup
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : vikku (vikki-)
Tamil meaning : to hiccup, be superabundant, chokeful; n. hiccup
Tamil derivates : vikkal, vikkuḷ, vikkiḷ hiccup
Malayalam : vikkuka
Malayalam meaning : to stammer, rise in the throat
Malayalam derivates : vikku impediment in speech; vikkam stammering; mikkuka to stammer
Kannada : bikku
Kannada meaning : to pant, sob, hiccup, stammer; n. sob, hiccup, etc.
Kannada derivates : bikkaḷike hiccup; bikkuḷi throwing up or vomiting; bikkuḷisu to throw up, vomit, eject; bikkuḷu sobbing
Tulu : bikkuni
Tulu meaning : to hold one's breath
Tulu derivates : bikkụ holding one's breath, sob
Proto-Nilgiri : *vik- (*p-)
Number in DED : 5383
Proto-South Dravidian : *vil-
Meaning : to sell
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : vil (vir_p-, vir_r_-)
Tamil meaning : to sell, out on sale, be sold
Tamil derivates : vilai selling, sale, price, cost, value; vir_r_al, vir_pan_ai selling, sale
Malayalam : vila
Malayalam meaning : sale, price, value
Malayalam derivates : vilkka to sell; vilpana sale; vilpikka to cause to sell
Kannada : bil, bili
Kannada meaning : to sell, buy
Kannada derivates : bili, bele price, cost
Kodagu : bele
Kodagu meaning : cost
Tulu : bilè, belè
Tulu meaning : price, value, worth
Proto-Nilgiri : *vIl-ä
Notes : The derivative *vil-ai is the most interesting part about this root: most of the umlaut languages show umlaut tendencies here, as if it was a derivative of an unpreserved verb *vil-ai- 'to pay' (nominal suffixal *-ai rarely causes umlaut). Toda, however, stands out, since pɨl cannot go back to a verbal base *vil-ai-.
Number in DED : 5421
Proto-South Dravidian : *vil
Meaning : bow
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : vil
Tamil meaning : bow
Tamil derivates : villan_, villavan_, villōn_, villi archer; villār, villōr bowmen; villiyar id., Iruḷas; villimai, vin_mai skill in archery
Malayalam : vil, villu
Malayalam meaning : bow
Malayalam derivates : villan, villi archer
Kannada : bil, billu
Kannada meaning : bow
Kodagu : billɨ
Kodagu meaning : bow
Tulu : billu, biru
Tulu meaning : bow
Proto-Nilgiri : *vil
Number in DED : 5422
Proto-South Dravidian : *vil-
Meaning : to tremble
Tamil : vilavila (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to tremble exceedingly
Tamil derivates : velavela (-pp-, -tt-) to quake, tremble (as one's limbs)
Malayalam : vilakkam
Malayalam meaning : cramp, stitch
Kannada : vili
Kannada meaning : sound in imitation of convulsive movements
Kannada derivates : vilivilisu to be convulsed, shake with irregular spasms
Proto-Nilgiri : *viḷ
Notes : Expressive root, with an unexplained -ḷ- in Kota and irregular v- in Kannada.
Number in DED : 5424
Proto-South Dravidian : *viḷ-
Meaning : to open out, crack
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : viḷ (viḷv-, viṇṭ-)
Tamil meaning : to open out, expand, unfold as a blossom, crack, split; burst, be at variance, become clear, be separated from
Tamil derivates : viḷkai leaving; viḷḷal separation, unfolding as of a flower; viḷavu (viḷavi-) to split, burst asunder; n. cleft, crack
Malayalam : viḷḷuka
Malayalam meaning : to burst open, crack, break
Malayalam derivates : viḷḷal hollow, rent; viḷḷu crack, aperture; viḷuruka to split, open; viḷurkka to open, unfold, spread
Tulu : bulluni, buḷḷuni
Tulu meaning : a sore or wound to enlarge; crack, slit
Tulu derivates : bullāvuni to enlarge a sore, etc., split, make a crack; buluni to be open
Number in DED : 5432
Proto-South Dravidian : *vIl-a-
Meaning : to separate, withdraw
Tamil : vilaku (vilaki-)
Tamil meaning : to withdraw, recede, step aside, deviate from, go astray, be dislocated, separated, move, go, be far off, be in periods; throw, cast, separate from (tr.)
Tamil derivates : vilaŋku (vilaŋki-) to lie athwart, be transverse, change, become different, withdraw, recede, step aside, deviate from, go astray, be dislocated, be separated, move, hinder, obstruct, pull up and remove, slay, destroy, throw, let pass; n. that which is transverse, across, or crosswise, beast or bird as having bodies not erect but horizontal, deer, fetters, shackles, manacles, difference, obstruction, hindrance, hill; vilaŋkal lying athwart or across, hill; vilakku (vilakki-), vilak_ku (vilak_ki-), vilattu (vilatti-) to turn aside, divert, avert, prevent, cause to leave, put out of the way, forbid, prohibit, check, retard, obstruct, inset, fix, change, dismiss as from a post, eschew, discard, remove, repudiate, controvert, separate; n. prohibition, seclusion, rule of exception, hindrance, obstruction, menses, error, fault; vilakkam sparseness as of plants placed apart, separation, menses, desertion of a place, prohibition; vilakkaṭi that which is prohibited, that which is contrary, that which is an exception, obstacle, excommunication, expulsion; vilaŋki hedge, fence; vilattal separation; vilatti sparseness, not being close
Malayalam : vilakkam
Malayalam meaning : prohibition, thwarting
Malayalam derivates : vilakku separation as during menstruation, prohibition, interdict, embargo; vilakkuka to separate, excommunicate, prevent, prohibit, cross out in writing; vilaŋŋuka to go aside, fall across, cross over, fall foul of, be transverse; vilaŋŋa across, athwart; vilaŋŋu what is across, a cross-iron, fetters; vilaŋŋal crossing, hill
Notes : Telugu vīlu points at an original long vowel, regularly shortened in SDR.
Number in DED : 5423
Proto-South Dravidian : *vIḷ-ai-
Meaning : to produce; to ripen; crop
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : viḷai (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to be produced, be productive, result, mature, ripen (as grain), occur
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to raise, cause to grow, produce, bring into being; n. growth, ripening, produce, crop, yield; viḷaiccal produce, crop, yield, ripening grain, growth, ripening; viḷaiyuḷ produce, crop, maturing; viḷaivi (-pp-, -tt-) to cause to grow, cultivate; viḷaivu growth, ripening, maturity, produce, crop, yield; viḷar fertility
Malayalam : viḷa
Malayalam meaning : vegetation, crop of corn growing
Malayalam derivates : viḷayuka to grow, grow ripe, grow richly or to perfection, produce; viḷayikka to cause to grow, cultivate; viḷaccal produce of corn, etc., corn grown ripe; viḷavu id., perfection
Kannada : beḷe
Kannada meaning : to grow as corn, grass, or trees, increase; bear a crop; n. growing, growth, produce, crop, standing corn, what is to grow, seed, seedlings
Kannada derivates : beḷayisu, beḷasu, beḷeyisu, beḷesu to cause to grow, increase, raise (crop), bring to maturity, rear, foster; beḷeyuvike growing; beḷasu growth, increase, crop of standing corn
Kodagu : boḷe- (boḷev-, boḷand-)
Kodagu meaning : to become full-grown (people, animals, fruit)
Kodagu derivates : boḷat- (boḷati-) to grow (tr.; plants); boḷe crop
Tulu : bulè, buḷè
Tulu meaning : standing, growing corn, crop
Tulu derivates : buleti, buḷeti full-grown, ripe; bulepini, buḷepini, buḷepuni, buḷeyuni, buḷevuni, boḷepuni to grow, ripen, be ripe; buḷepuḍuni, buḷepāvuni to make grow, rear, raise as a crop, etc.; boḷaccelụ ripening
Proto-Nilgiri : *vIḷ-äv-
Miscellaneous : KOR (O) boli to grow; bole crop
Number in DED : 5437
Proto-South Dravidian : *vIḷ-ai-
Meaning : to play
Tamil : viḷaiy-āṭu
Tamil meaning : to play, sport, gambol, do and act light-heartedly, be playful, humorous, or funny
Tamil derivates : viḷaiy-āṭal play, sport; viḷaiy-āṭṭam, viḷaiy-āṭṭu id., pastime, recreation, that which is done with ease, fun
Malayalam : viḷay-āṭuka
Malayalam meaning : to play
Malayalam derivates : viḷay-āṭṭam, viḷay-āṭṭu sport, play
Number in DED : 5438
Proto-South Dravidian : *vIḷ-ak-
Meaning : to solder
Tamil : viḷakku (viḷakki-)
Tamil meaning : to solder
Malayalam : viḷakkuka
Malayalam meaning : to solder
Tulu : bolakuni
Tulu meaning : to solder, weld
Number in DED : 5497
Proto-South Dravidian : *vIḷ-amb-
Meaning : to serve food
Tamil : viḷampu (viḷampi-)
Tamil meaning : to serve food
Tamil derivates : ? viẓampu boiled rice
Malayalam : viḷampuka
Malayalam meaning : to distribute food, serve out
Malayalam derivates : viḷampan one who superintends the distribution, esp. in victualling houses; viḷampikka, viḷappikka to ask for more food
Number in DED : 5434
Proto-South Dravidian : *vilaŋ-
Meaning : bar, impediment; worry
Tamil : villaŋkam
Tamil meaning : bar, impediment, difficulty, trouble, distress, charge or encumbrance on properties, defect in title to properties, contest, dispute, claim
Tamil derivates : villaṭai adversity, distress, impediment, enmity
Malayalam : villaŋkam
Malayalam meaning : contest, wrangling; adversity, difficulty
Kannada : vilaga
Kannada meaning : incongruity, unsuitableness, inconsistency, discordance, discrepancy
Proto-Nilgiri : *vil- (*p-)
Notes : Toda pilogm might be a borrowing from Tamil (*pɨs_- should be expected); Kannada vilaga is also doubtful because of an initial v-.
Number in DED : 5426
Proto-South Dravidian : *vIḷāg-
Meaning : battlefield
Tamil : viḷākam
Tamil meaning : battlefield, surrounding area
Malayalam : viḷākam
Malayalam meaning : battlefield, garden
Number in DED : 5435
Proto-South Dravidian : *vIlāv-
Meaning : rib, chest
Tamil : vilavu, vilā
Tamil meaning : sides of the body, rib
Malayalam : vilāvu
Malayalam meaning : side, chest
Number in DED : 5425
Proto-South Dravidian : *viḷ-/*vIḷ-/*vĭḷ-
Meaning : to call, shout
Tamil : viḷ (viḷv-, viṇṭ-)
Tamil meaning : to say, tell, reveal, make known
Tamil derivates : viḷampu (viḷampi-) to speak, say, proclaim openly, make public, reveal; n. word, speech; viḷamparam advertisement, proclamation, notice, publication; viḷappu saying; viḷari the sixth note of the gamut; viḷi (-v-, -nt-) to say, speak; (-pp-, -tt-) id., summon, sing, roar, shout; n. sound, song, word, speech, shout of excitement, frenzy, or joy, call; viḷippu sound, calling, shouting; viḷivu warriors' shout, war-cry; viḷar (viḷari-) to call
Malayalam : viḷampuka
Malayalam meaning : to divulge
Malayalam derivates : viḷamparam proclamation, publication; viḷi call, cry, summons; viḷikka to call, invite
Tulu : buḷpuni, bul(i)puni
Tulu meaning : to cry aloud, shout, exclaim
Tulu derivates : buḷu, buḷpu cry, lamentation, noise of any animal or bird, clamour; buḷkaḍuni to cry as from fear or being possessed of a demon; buḷkā̆ḍụ crying passionately, bawling
Proto-Nilgiri : *vĭḷ-ĭ- (*p-)
Miscellaneous : KURU (LSB 1.12) belkɨ speech; KOR (T) burpɨ to cry
Number in DED : 5433
Proto-South Dravidian : *viḷ-mb-
Meaning : border, edge
Tamil : viḷimpu
Tamil meaning : border, edge, rim, brink, margin, eyelid
Tamil derivates : (?) vaṭimpu border, edge (as of a garment), blade (as of a knife), extremity (as of the foot), eaves, edge of a roof
Malayalam : viḷimpu, viḷumpu, veḷumpu
Malayalam meaning : edge, margin, border or hem of a cloth, eyelid
Malayalam derivates : veḷuti margin
Notes : Strange -e- in Mal.; possibly *viḷ-mb- > *viḷ-úmb- > veḷump- in some dialects.
Number in DED : 5436
Proto-South Dravidian : *vim-
Meaning : to sob
Tamil : vimmu (vimmi-)
Tamil meaning : to heave a sob, be in distress
Tamil derivates : vimmam sobbing, distress; vimmal id., despondency
Malayalam : vimmuka
Malayalam meaning : to sob, throb, palpitate
Malayalam derivates : vimmiṭṭam, vimmiṣṭam difficulty of breathing, hiccup
Number in DED : 5402
Proto-South Dravidian : *vim- (*b-) (?)
Meaning : lip
Tulu : bimma
Tulu meaning : lip
Number in DED : 4400
Proto-South Dravidian : *viṇ
Meaning : sky
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : viṇ
Tamil meaning : sky, heaven, cloud
Tamil derivates : viṇṭu id., wind, air; viṇṇavan_ celestial being, Arhat
Malayalam : viṇṇu
Malayalam meaning : sky, heaven
Malayalam derivates : viṇṇavar gods
Number in DED : 5396
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