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Proto-Afro-Asiatic: *par-
Meaning: jump
Borean etymology: Borean etymology
Central Chadic: *pir-
Beḍauye (Beja): far 'jump'
Central Cushitic (Agaw): *pVr- 'jump'
Saho-Afar: *pVr- 'jump'
Omotic: *fiR-
Notes: Cf. *pVr- 'to fly'.
Proto-Afro-Asiatic: *par-
Meaning: break, thresh
Borean etymology: Borean etymology
Semitic: *pVr- 'tear off' 1, 'break' 2, 'cut' 3
Berber: *fVr- 'thresh, be threshed'
Western Chadic: *pur- 'break into pieces' 1, 'break stick' 2
East Chadic: *parpVr- 'knead, rub' (?)
Saho-Afar: *faraʕ- 'dig' (?)
Notes: -ʕ in Saho needs explanation.
Proto-Afro-Asiatic: *par-
Meaning: watch, look (for), seek
Semitic: *par- 'seek' 1, 'examine, watch' 2
Berber: *fVr- 'feel'
Western Chadic: *par- 'look for' 1, 'search' 2
Central Chadic: *pi/ur- 'look, watch' 1, 'poursuivre' 2
Central Cushitic (Agaw): *parr- 'be open (of eyes)' (?)
Proto-Afro-Asiatic: *par-
Meaning: house, enclosure
Berber: *farr- 'enclosure'
Egyptian: pr 'house' (OK)
Central Chadic: *pīr- `wall inside granary'
East Chadic: *par- 'hangar'
Total of 4 records

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