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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *kū́ŕe ( ~ -i)
Meaning: autumn; rain, storm
Russian meaning: осень; дождь, буря
Turkic: *gǖŕ
Mongolian: *kura
Tungus-Manchu: *kure-
Comments: АПиПЯЯ 294 (although Jpn. *kǝti is probably to be separated, see *k`ĕdò), Лексика 75. A Western isogloss. The comparison seems quite plausible, although it seems not to have been proposed earlier. The Korean form, compared in SKE 118 with Turk. *gǖŕ (kɨru '2-d harvest in one year') is late attested and probably = kɨru, MKor. kɨ̀rɨ̀h 'stubble'. {Cf. PE *ukju[r] 'winter, autumn, year}.

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