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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *tegá (/*t`egá)
Meaning: round
Russian meaning: круглый
Turkic: *deg- / *dög- / *dog-
Mongolian: *tög/körig
Korean: *thɨ- / *thǝ-
Japanese: *tánka
Comments: Poppe 14, АПиПЯЯ 40-41, 285 (with some confusion of this root and *t`òŋké q. v.). An expressive root with some violation of correspondences; but borrowing in Mong. from Turkic is hardly acceptable, despite Щербак 1997, 154. In Mong., a variant *toɣ- may be present in *toɣuri- 'go round' (MMong. (SH) to'ori-, KW 408, Dag. tōri-; > Man. torgi-, ТМС 2, 204), tojira- id.; a variant *dug- in WMong. duɣuj, Khalkha duguj, Kalm. duɣu 'wheel, ring' (L 271, KW 101), whence Tur. dial. toɣaj, Kum., KBalk. toɣaj 'ring, part of wheel hoop'. Cf. also PA *t`ŏk`V 'curved', also a possible source of contaminations.

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