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Proto-Turkic: *sɨb
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: water
Russian meaning: вода
Old Turkic: śub (Orkh.), sub, suv (OUygh.)
Karakhanid: suv (MK)
Turkish: su
Tatar: sɨw
Middle Turkic: su (AH, Pav. C.)
Uzbek: suv
Uighur: su
Sary-Yughur: su
Azerbaidzhan: su
Turkmen: suv
Khakassian: suɣ
Shor: suɣ
Halaj: suw
Chuvash: šɨv
Yakut: ū; utax 'thirst' < *sub-sak
Dolgan: ū
Tuva: suɣ
Tofalar: suɣ
Kazakh: su
Noghai: suw
Bashkir: hɨw
Gagauz: su
Karaim: su
Karakalpak: suw
Salar: su
Kumyk: suw
Comments: VEWT 431, TMN 3, 281-2, EDT 783-4, Лексика 88, ЭСТЯ 7, Stachowski 247. The reconstruction of *ɨ is conditioned by the Chuv. palatalization. Cf. also *sɨbu- 'to become watery', *sɨbu-k 'watery, liquid' (ЭСТЯ 7). Other Common Turkic derivatives are *sɨb-sɨ- 'to become watery' and *sɨb-sa- 'to be(come) thirsty', see the analysis in ЭСТЯ 7 and EDT 792. The derivative *sɨb-sɨ 'a watery decoction' (not attested as such, but cf. OT suvsuš id. (EDT 792)) was borrowed in Mong. as sub(a)su id. (L 733), Khalkha suvs 'watery'. Modern Kypchak and Siberian forms like Chag. susɨn, Kirgh. sūsun etc. may reflect a secondary loan from Mongolian.

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