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Turkic etymology :

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Proto-Turkic: *tēl
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 wire, string 2 thong 3 strand
Russian meaning: 1 волосок, струна, проволока 2 ремешок, которым привязан наконечник стрелы 3 прядь, пучок нитей
Karakhanid: tili 2 (MK)
Turkish: tel 1
Azerbaidzhan: tel 1
Turkmen: til 1
Chuvash: tal 3
Noghai: tel 1
Gagauz: tel 1
Kumyk: tel 1
Comments: VEWT 471, EDT 491. Turk. > NPers., Kurd., Osset. tel etc. Bailey 129 cites Saka ttīla 'thread, wire' and considers it the source of Turkic forms, tracing it back to *tarɵrya - cf. Pers. tār < *tarɵra. However there are no direct Iranian parallels for the Saka form (cf. Аб. 3, 288, maintaining that the Osset. and Kurd. form do not go back to Proto-Iranian but are borrowed from neighbouring languages); so the word may well be a Turkism in Saka and other Iranian languages. The Turkic origin is also corroborated by the Chuv. parallel.

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