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Turkic etymology :

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Proto-Turkic: *bögse(k) < *bös-ge(k)
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: a part of human or animal trunk
Russian meaning: часть туловища
Old Turkic: bögsig 'some part of body (belly?)' (OUygh.)
Karakhanid: bökseg 'woman's breast; upper part of chest' (MK)
Tatar: büksɛ 'belly; bird crop'
Middle Turkic: bökse 'the part of a human or animal body above the waist' (Abush., Sangl.)
Uzbek: bụksa 'side part of the body below the breast and down to the hip; (dial.) lower part of body'
Chuvash: pǝʷźexe 'crop'
Yakut: böskö-j- 'to appear abdominous'
Tuva: böskek 'bird's breast'
Tofalar: böksek 'bird's breast'
Kirghiz: böksö 'side of body; foot-hill'
Bashkir: bükɵä 'short person (abusive)'
Balkar: böksün 'half of animal carcass'
Comments: EDT 329, VEWT 84, 83, ЭСТЯ 2, 213-214, Лексика 278. Forms without -k meaning 'buttock' or 'lower part of body' are most probably borrowed < Mong. *bögse, having quite different origin (see under *pi̯oko) - although some contaminations were not excluded.

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