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Proto-Turkic: *ădaĺ
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: friend, companion
Russian meaning: друг, товарищ
Old Turkic: adaš (OUygh. - Buddh., Man.)
Karakhanid: aδaš (MK, KB), ajaš (IM)
Yakut: atas
Kirghiz: ajaš
Comments: VEWT 5, EDT 72. A hypothesis about *adaĺ < (compound) at-daĺ with 'name' as the first component is impossible (in that case we would expect *ataĺ and 'namesake' as the earliest meaning). The form attaš is attested since MTurk.: attaš 'namesake' (Tefs.), adaš 'namesake' (Chag. Sangl.), ataš 'namesake' (CCum.) - and contaminates with *adaĺ. Modern languages for the most part reflect the compound, see ЭСТЯ I 203-204. Cf. Tuva a'daškɨ-lar 'a father with his children' ("namesakes"; NB: pharyngealization as a reflex of *-t-). A possible reflex of *adaĺ is Chuv. ural-a-š- 'to agree about acquiring smth. collectively, together' and ural-a-n- 'to form a light circle (of astronomical bodies)': both are semantically quite far from ura-la-n- 'to recover'.

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