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Avar-Andian etymology :

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Protoform: *riʎo
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: sea
Avar: raʎád
Chadakolob: ratád
Andian language: reʎo
Akhvakh: raʎa
Chamalal: jeʎa
Tindi: reʎa
Karata: reʎa
Botlikh: reha
Bagvalal: raha
Godoberi: reʎa
Comments: Av. paradigm B (raʎdá-l, raʎáda-l; Chad. ratádu-l, ratáda-l). Cf. also Cham. Gig. reʎa, Bagv. Tlond. relha. Av. > Inkh., Tsez., Gin., Bezht., Gunz. raʎad 'sea'. Arch. ʎat (erg. ʎet:e) 'sea' is also most probably an old loan from Avar, although loss of ra- is not quite clear (perhaps the early loanword first changed regularly into *daʎat:, and then with reduction changed to *ƛat: > *ʎat:).

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