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Avar-Andian etymology :

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Protoform: *miḳi / *moḳi
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: 1 small 2 child
Andian language: mič̣i 1, moč̣i 2
Akhvakh: miḳe 2
Chamalal: miḳu-b 1, mač̣ 2
Tindi: muḳutu-1,maḳ́a2
Karata: miḳi-s:1,maḳe 2
Botlikh: maḳi 2
Bagvalal: maḳ 2
Godoberi: miḳi-si 1,maḳi2
Comments: For PA we can reconstruct *miḳi-'small' (cf. also Kar. Tok. muḳu-b, L.-Enkh. meḳo-b, dial. miḳo-b, Cham. Gad. miḳa-b) and *moḳi 'child'. These forms probably reflect old Ablaut.

    The same root was probably used in PA to denote 'small finger' (cf. the meanings in PTs) later developped to 'finger' in some languages: Tind. miḳ́a, Akhv. ũḳa, Tseg. ĩḳʷa ( < *ʔi-miḳV with a laryngeal prefix occurring also in some other body part names), Cham. miḳ- in miḳ-s:il 'finger-ring' ( = Tind. miḳ́i-š:al).


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