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Avar-Andian etymology :

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Protoform: *ʎ:i-
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: who (obl. stem)
Avar: ʎ:i-
Chadakolob: ʎi-
Andian language: ʎ:e-
Akhvakh: ʎ:o-
Chamalal: ʎ:e-
Tindi: ʎ:o-(b)-
Karata: ʎ:o-la-
Botlikh: ʎ:e-
Bagvalal: ʎ:o-
Godoberi: ʎ:e-
Comments: Some forms (Akhv., Tind., Kar., Botl.) reflect the labialized variant *ʎ:ʷi- (having probably incorporated the class marker of the 1st class). The same stem (with a suffixed -n-) is used in some languages for the unanimate interrogative (obl. stem): Akhv., Botl. ,Cham., God. ʎ:un-. This is obviously a secondary replacement of the original *s:u-n- (q.v.) under influence of the animate ʎ:i-.

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