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Abkhaz-Adyghe etymology :

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Proto-West-Caucasian: *ŁIʷa
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: dog
Abkhaz: a-lá
Abaza: la
Adyghe: ħa
Kabardian: ħa
Ubykh: wIa
Comments: PAT *la, PAK *ħa; Ub. def. á-wIa. The Ub. pharyngealization suggests the PAT form *ŁIʷaI; since, however, in PAT only uvulars and labials could have been pharyngealized, this probably means that we have in fact to reconstruct an early form with a cluster like *l-χIʷa or *χIʷla. It is possible that such a PAT cluster can reflect an earlier combination *χIʷr- (cf. another example of the same kind, PAT *Łʷa- 'to grind').

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