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North Caucasian etymology :

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Proto-North Caucasian: *ʔikwVn
Sino-Caucasian etymology: Sino-Caucasian etymology
Meaning: to eat
Proto-Avaro-Andian: *ʔikʷVn-
Proto-Tsezian: *kǝk- (~-e-,-ɨ-)
Proto-Lak: =uka-
Proto-Dargwa: *=i(r)kʷVn-
Proto-Lezghian: *ʔikʷVn-
Notes: Reconstructed for the PEC level. The verb has class prefixes only in Lak. and Darg. Several languages have an interesting opposition 'to eat (objectless)' : 'to eat (smth.)': Av. Chad. kuná-ji : kʷén-ži; Darg. Chir. =erkʷVn- / =uk- : =uk- / =uk-; Arch. kúm-mus (dur. kúkin, term. kúnni) : kum-mús (dur. kʷan, term. kunné).

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