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Modern (Beijing) reading: chí
Preclassic Old Chinese: Łaj
Classic Old Chinese: Łaj
Western Han Chinese: laj
Eastern Han Chinese: źe
Early Postclassic Chinese: źe
Middle Postclassic Chinese: źe
Late Postclassic Chinese: źe
Middle Chinese: ḍe
English meaning : pond, pool, moat
Russian meaning[s]: 1) пруд; водоем; городской ров с водой; 2) банка для электробатареи; 3) ямка, лунка
Comments: Regular Sino-Viet. is trì. Unaspirated *Ł- is witnessed by Min reflexes: Xiamen, Chaozhou ti2, Fuzhou tie2, Jianou ti9 and must be reconstructed in this case (although normally *Ł- > MC j- in this position). The character is also used in the die-sheng 差池 *shraj-Łaj 'be uneven'.
Sino-Tibetan etymology: Sino-Tibetan etymology
Dialectal data: Dialectal data
Radical: 85
Four-angle index: 7263
Karlgren code: 0004 t-u
Vietnamese reading: d_ìa
Shijing occurrences: 28.1

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