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Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-Dravidian : *áḍḍa- ~ *aḍái-
Meaning : to hinder; obstacle
Proto-South Dravidian: *aḍḍa- ~ *aḍai-
Proto-Telugu : *aḍḍ-
Proto-Kolami-Gadba : *aḍḍam (?)
Proto-Gondi-Kui : *aḍ- (*-ḍḍ-?)
Proto-North Dravidian : *aṛ-
Brahui : aḍ
Notes : The best evidence for the inlaut voiced geminate comes from South Dravidian languages (Kannada, Kodagu, and Tulu; in the Nilgiris gemination was lost due to the geminate finding itself in the absolute auslaut position after the syncopation of the last syllable) and Telugu. As for Central Dravidian forms, many of them may actually reflect old re-borrowings from Telugu, due to both the irregular -m in the auslaut and the scarceness of the forms (in many languages, only *aḍḍa-m "obstacle" is attested without the corresponding verbal stems). However, Konda aṛk and aḍi- are probably original. So are the NDR forms. Cf. also cases like PDR *mok- ~ *mogám "face" in which the original *-m is almost certainly preserved in Central Dravidian languages. // Present in 6/6 branches.

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