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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *gur_-/*kur_-
Meaning : to draw; to aim
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kur_i (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to design, intend, think, draw, sketch outline in painting, aim at, narrate briefly, tell, foretell, predict; n. mark, sign, symbol, aim, mark to shoot at, goal, motive, omen, generative organ
Tamil derivates : kur_ippi (-pp-, -tt-) to call to mind by sign or hint; kur_ippu intention, gesture, summary, mark, sign
Malayalam : kur_i
Malayalam meaning : a mark, sign, aim
Malayalam derivates : kur_ikka to mark, note, write, point at, refer to; kur_ippu memorandum, abstract; kur_icci pudendum muliebre
Kannada : kur_i
Kannada meaning : to mark, take note of, regard
Kannada derivates : kur_i, kur_ipu, gur_i a mark, sign, aim, object of aim; kur_upu, kur_uvu, kur_uhu a mark, sign, token, characteristic; gur_ikār_a marksman; gur_utu, gur_atu, gur_uta, gurta, gurtu, guttu, gottu a mark, sign; knowledge, acquaintance; gontu (Hav.) knowledge; ? kūn, kūnu, kūna a mark, sign; acquaintance
Kodagu : kuri- (kurip-, kuric-)
Kodagu meaning : to paint, decorate; announce (marriage) to house-gods and witnesses
Kodagu derivates : kuri drawing, spot on forehead or sectarian mark, embroidery, act of making formal contract of engagement of marriage; guri an aim; gurtɨ a mark; gottɨ māḍ- to know; gott(ɨ) uṇḍɨ/ille it is/is not known (dat., to a person); gott(ɨ) āg- to become known (dat., to a person)
Tulu : guri
Tulu meaning : an aim, mark, butt, responsibility
Tulu derivates : gurta a mark, sign, token, recognition; gottu, gontu knowledge, understanding, acquaintance
Proto-Nilgiri : *gur_ǐ
Miscellaneous : KOR (O) gottu knowledge
Number in DED : 1847

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