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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *aḍḍa- ~ *aḍai-
Meaning : to shut, close; to obstruct
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : aṭai (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to shut, close, obstruct, block (as a passage), stop up, put in, pack, lock, fasten, imprison, conceal; to be obstructed (as the ear, throat)
Tamil derivates : aṭaiccu (aṭaicci-) to shut, close; aṭaippu shutting, closing, fence, obstruction, plug; aṭṭam opposition, cross direction, enmity, rivalry; aṭṭi hindrance, obstacle, delay; aṭṭaŋ-kāl, aṭṭaṇaŋ-kāl, aṭṭaṇai-kkāl folded legs in sitting cross-legged
Malayalam : aṭa
Malayalam meaning : a lock
Malayalam derivates : aṭayuka to be shut, shut up, be enclosed; aṭavu stoppage, block, obstruction; aṭekka to shut, obstruct, block up, lock; to be shut, rendered impervious; aṭeppu, aṭappu obstruction, whatever covers or closes a hole, stopper; aṭappam, aṭappan a stopper, cork; aṭeppikka to cause to lock or shut; aṭṭam what is across, transverse, thwarting
Kannada : aḍe
Kannada meaning : to be enclosed, barred, shut up, choked; to shut, lock, obstruct, close up, enclose, confine, imprison, stop the passage
Kannada derivates : aḍavu an impediment, anything to obstruct; aḍa, aḍḍa, aḍḍā, aḍḍe state of being across, transverse, or in the way, state of being broadwise or horizontal, crosswise; obstructing, an obstruction; state of being contrary or perverse; aḍḍane, aḍane across, transversely; aḍḍayisu, aḍḍagisu, aḍḍaysu, aḍḍavisu to move obliquely or obstructingly, make opposition, obstruct, impede, intervene, conceal; aḍḍayisuha obstruction, opposition; aḍḍaysuha going transversely, concealment; aḍḍal crossing, obstructing, obstacle, across, sideways; aḍḍi an obstacle, opposition, delay; aḍḍana, aḍḍaṇa a shield; āṭaŋka, ātaŋka obstruction, obstacle, restraint
Kodagu : aḍe- (aḍev-, aḍand-)
Kodagu meaning : (gap) is stopped
Kodagu derivates : aḍa- (aḍap-, aḍat-) to stop (gap, hole); aḍḍa crosswise; aḍḍa būḷ- to prostrate oneself (lit. fall horizontal)
Tulu : aḍepuni, aḍevuni, aḍeŋguni
Tulu meaning : to shut, close
Tulu derivates : aḍepu act of shutting, clossing, finishing; aḍakụ, aḍaka, aḍēke, aṭaka, aṭakāvu obstacle, hindrance; aḍḍa id., horizontal, intervening; across, athwart; rafter; aḍḍakaṭṭè a dam; aḍḍakāru the bent knee; aḍḍa boruni to prostrate, bow down; aḍḍa kaṭṭuni to dam up, shut in, hinder, prevent, screen; aḍḍi obstacle, opposition; aḍḍaṇa, aḍḍaṇè, aḍana a shield; āṭaŋkụ, āṭaŋka hindrance, obstacle
Proto-Nilgiri : *aḍ[ḍ]-
Number in DED : 0083

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