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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *ēr_-
Meaning : to rise
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ēr_u (ēr_i-)
Tamil meaning : to rise, ascend (as the heavenly bodies), mount, climb, abound in number, weight, or measure, increase in price, quality, spread, be diffused (as poison), grow, be laden (as cargo)
Tamil derivates : ēr_a so as to exceed, more than, above; ēr_r_u (ēr_r_i-) to lift up, raise, increase (as price), load (as a cart or ship), eulogize, found, establish; ēr_r_am mounting, ascending, raising up, rising (as the tide), eulogy, increase, excess, preeminence, well-sweep, picottah; ēl (ēr_p-, ēr_r_-; ēlv-, ēn_r_-) to be excessive, abound; awake from sleep; bear, lift up, carry
Malayalam : ēr_uka
Malayalam meaning : to rise, increase, be much, arise, ascend
Malayalam derivates : ēr_a much, more, beyond; ēr_r_uka to raise, embark, multiply; ēr_r_am rising, ascent, increase, climbing, pulling up, what is too much, embarkation; ēr_r_u mounting palm trees, flow of tide; ēlkka (ēr_r_-) to multiply; ēttam machine to draw water
Kannada : ēr_u
Kannada meaning : to rise, increase, ascend, mount, climb; n. rising, etc., rising ground
Kannada derivates : ēr_i an ascender; ēr_ike, ēr_uta, ēr_uvike rising, increasing, etc.; ēr_isu to raise, place upon, etc.; ēta ascent, rise; picottah; rēgu to rise (as dust), be aroused, excited, angry
Kodagu : ē̈r- (ē̈ri-)
Kodagu meaning : (liquor) rises to head, (poison) diffuses and kills; be more than enough, extra; ē̈ra more than enough
Tulu : ēruni
Tulu meaning : to ascend, climb, rise, be increased
Tulu derivates : ērāvuni to raise, increase, load, embark; rēgiyuni to be excited; erkụ rising or accumulation of water; ertè flood-tide; yāta engine for drawing water
Proto-Nilgiri : *ēr_- (caus. *ēt_-)
Number in DED : 0916

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