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Proto-Inupik: *tạkų- (-caʁ-), *takku-
Eskimo etymology: Eskimo etymology
Meaning: to check on 1, to visit 2, to see 3
Russian meaning: проверять 1, навещать 2, видеть, смотреть 3
Seward Peninsula Inupik: taɣu- 1, takku- 'presence' (with poss. endings)
SPI Dialects: Imaq táɣurāɣa 2
North Alaskan Inupik: taku- 2, 1, takku- 'presence' (with poss. endings)
Western Canadian Inupik: taku- 3
WCI Dialects: Cor, M takoɣa* 3, Sig takusaq- 'to stare at'
Eastern Canadian Inupik: taku- 3, takku- 'presence, sight', takusaq- 'to turn or rise to see'
Greenlandic Inupik: taku- (takuvâ*) 3, takkut(i)- 'to show up', takku- (táko*) 'presence, sight' (with poss. endings), takusaʁ- 'to keep on eye on, to go to see'
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