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Borean (approx.) : CVKV
Meaning : hair
Eurasiatic : *cVḳV
Afroasiatic : *c̣ag- (?)
Sino-Caucasian : *c̣Ăq̇wĀ
Austric : Cf. Austric: PAA *sok 'hair', PAN *buSek / *buSuk / *bukeS 'head hair'.
Notes : A lot of confusion. Originally probably at least two different roots: *CVq̇wV 'temple, hair on temple' (whence frequently 'ear': besides Eurasiatic cf. also Berb. *mǝẓẓūg 'ear', ND *ǯēx 'ear' and PAA *cVk 'ear; crest, comb') and *CVḳwV 'long hair' (cf. NC *[c]V̆ḳwV̆ 'long hair', ND *cīḳ 'hair of head'). A third root (*kVswV) may be represented by Austric *sVk / *kVs, IE *kais- and PNC *k(w)iśwɨ (cf. KVCV)

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