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Borean (approx.) : HVLV
Meaning : to be, live
Eurasiatic : *ʔelA
Afroasiatic : *ʔal-/*ʔil-; *hVl(w) 'to exist, be, stand' (Sem., Berb., Cush.); also Sem. *ħill- 'stay, live'
Sino-Caucasian : *=V̆́ʎwV̆
Austric : PAA *(rǝ)lu 'rest' (or PAA *lǝ:j 'lazy', PAN *belay 'tire(d), weary')
Amerind (misc.) : *ʔali 'to bear; child' (R 121) (for "lazy" cf. R 422 *hilak?)
Reference : ND 769, 2578.

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