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Proto-Germanic: *austra-n; *austan=; *aust=
Meaning: east
IE etymology: IE etymology
Old Norse: austr n. `Osten; nach Osten'; austan `von Osten her'
Old Swedish: oster
Swedish: öster; östan adv.
Old Danish: ostär
Danish: öst(er); 2) östen adv.
Old English: ēast adv. `to the east', ēast, -es m.; ēastan, -an m. `the east', ēast adj. `east, easterly', ēaster (ēastor), gen. ēastres, pl. -o n., ēastre, -an n. `Easter, the fest of E.' etc.
English: east
Old Frisian: āst adv.; āster adv.; fon-āsta
Old Saxon: ōstar `oostelijk'; ōstan(a) `im, von Osten'
Middle Dutch: ooster `östlich', oost `oostelijk, naar of in het oosten', ōsten(e) m.
Dutch: adv. oost; oosten n.; ooster-
Old Franconian: ōster-
Middle Low German: ōst `im Osten', ōster `östlich';
Old High German: ōst (um 800) `im Osten', ōst(a)ra `Osten', ōstarūn `Ostern', ōstana (9. Jh.) `von Osten', ōstar (9. Jh.) `im, nach Osten'
Middle High German: ōsten, ōst st. n., m. 'osten'; ōsten(e) adv. 'nach, im osten', ōster adv. `im osten', adj. 'im osten befindlich, östlich'
German: Ost, Osten

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