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Germanic etymology :

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Proto-Germanic: *agjō, *agja-n; *agi=; *ug=
Meaning: edge
IE etymology: IE etymology
Old Norse: egg f. `Ecke, Shneide'; Nerm > Finn agja;
Norwegian: dial. agge `Zacke, Zahn, Spitze'; dial. ugg `Dorn, Stachel, Pike, Ängstigung', ugge `Flosse' (плавник)
Swedish: egg
Danish: egg, eg
Old English: ecg, -e f. `an edge, a sharpness, blade, sword'
English: edge
Old Frisian: egge, eg `scherpe kant, zwaard, hoek, partij'
Old Saxon: eggia `Schneide, Kante'
Middle Dutch: egghe `Schneide, Kante'
Dutch: eg, egge f.
Old High German: egga (um 1000), { ekka } `Spitze, Kante, Schwertschneide'
Middle High German: ɛcke, ɛgge st./wk. f., st. n. 'schneide einer waffe; spitze; ecke, kante, winkel'
German: Ecke f., Eck n. `Spitze, Kante, Winkel'

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