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Germanic etymology :

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Proto-Germanic: *a(g)wṓ; *áxwō; *ō(g)wjá-z; *a(g)wjṓ
Meaning: river, waters
IE etymology: IE etymology
Gothic: ahʷa f. (ō) `river, waters'
Old Norse: ō f. Name eines Gehöftes, ON; ā f. `Fluss'; ǟgir `Meer, Gott des Meeres'; ey, gen. eyjar f. `Insel'
Old Swedish: ā `Fluss'; (run.) auiu `Insel'
Swedish: ö `Insel'
Old Danish: ā `Fluss'
Danish: ɔ `Fluss'; ö `Insel'
Old English: ēa (ǟ) f. `running water, a stream, river, water'; ǟg-weard `sea-ward, sea-guard or guardianship'; eagor `Meer, Flut'; ēg, -e f. `water, sea', īg, -e f. `Insel'
Old Frisian: ā, ē `Flus'
Old Saxon: aha `Fluss'; oi-land `Insel'
Middle Dutch: ei-land `Insel'
Dutch: a, aa f., m. naam voor kleine riviertjes en beekjes
Middle Low German: ō, ōge, ōch, ouwe, ou `Waaser(lauf), Insel (im Fluss), feuchtes Wiesenland' , LFrank ei-land; oog `Insel'
Old High German: aha f. `Fluss'; ouwa (10.Jh.), -awa `Wasser, Strom'; `Halbinsel im Flusse, wesserriches Wieseland'
Middle High German: ahe st. f. 'fluss, wasser'; ouwe, owe st. f. 'wasser, strom; von wasser umflossenes land, insel od. halbinsel'
German: { Ache }; Aue, Au f.
Comments: Far ǟgi `Meer'

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