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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *ongʷ-
Meaning: fat; to oil
Old Indian: anákti, caus. añjayati `to smear with, anoint', ptc. aktá-; áñjas- n. `ointment', añjí- m., n. `ointment, brilliancy'
Armenian: aucanem `salbe'
Baltic: *ang-t-a-n n.
Germanic: *ank-an- m.
Latin: unguō, ūnxī, unctus, -ere `salben'; unguen, -inis n. `Salbe'
Other Italic: Umbr umtu `unguitō', umen `unguen'
Russ. meaning: жир; мазать жиром
References: WP I 181

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