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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *nebh-
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: mist, cloud; sky
Hittite: nepis- n. 'Himmel' (Friedrich 150)
Old Indian: nábhas- n. `mist, clouds, vapour', nábha- m. `sky, atmosphere'
Avestan: nabah- n.: pl. 'Luftraum, Himmel'
Old Greek: néphos n.; nephélǟ `Wolke, Gewölk'
Slavic: *nebo, gen. -ese
Baltic: *deb-es-i- (*-es-es), *deb-es-ia- c.
Germanic: *nib-ul-ō f., -a- m.
Latin: nebula f. `Dunst, Nebel; Dampf, Rauch; Wolke'
Celtic: OIr nem n. (es-St.) `Himmel', nēl, gen. niuil m. `Wolke, Nebel', Ir neamh `Himmel'; Cymr nef `Himmel', niwl, nifwl `Wolke, Nebel', NCorn nef `Himmel', niul `Wolke, Nebel', Bret nef `Himmel'
Russ. meaning: туман, облако; (облачное) небо
References: WP I 131 f

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