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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *i-, *ey-; *yo- (Greek h-)
Meaning: pron. dem./relat.
Old Indian: ayám 'he', idám 'id.', iyám, acc. sg. m. imam ; relat. ya-ḥ
Avestan: īm (= iyǝm) 'sie, ea'; gath ayǝ̄m, jat. aēm 'er'; relat. yō
Other Iranian: OPers acc. m.iyam, imam, f. imām usw.
Old Greek: cypr. ī̆n 'eum, eam', lesb., thess., hom ía 'una'; hó-s 'welcher'
Slavic: *jь, *ī, *ye; *jь-že; -jь (in adj.)
Baltic: *ji-, *jei-, *jī f.
Germanic: *iz 'er', acc, *inan, *ita 'es' usw.
Latin: is, ea, id usw.
Celtic: OIr ē, hē 'er' (< *eis), ed (hed) 'es'
Albanian: e 'eum, eam', dat. i 'ei', i 'eos, eas, u 'eis'
Russ. meaning: мест. указ./относит.
References: WP I 97 ff

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