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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *medhy-
Meaning: between, in the middle, middle
Old Indian: mádhya- `middle'; madhyama- id.
Avestan: maiδya- 'mittlerer'; madhǝma- 'ds.'
Armenian: mēǰ `Mitte'
Old Greek: att. méso-, ep., lyr., aeol. mésso-, kret., böot. métto- `in der Mitte befindlich, mittlere (von Raum, Zeit, Grösse usw.)
Slavic: *medjū; *medjā
Baltic: *med-ia- c., *med-ja- m., *med-iā̃ f.
Germanic: *mid-ja- adj.; *mid-jōn-, -ja- n.; *mid-j-il-a- adj., *mid-j-il-a- n.
Latin: medius, -a `der mittlere'
Other Italic: Osk mefiaí `in media', mefi<ú> `media', messimass `medioximās'
Celtic: Gaul Medio-lānum, -matrici; OIr mid- in Zs. `medius', immedōn `in medio', MIr mide `Mitte, Mite', eig."mittelre Provinz"; Cymr mewnin (< *medugno-)
Russ. meaning: между, посередине, середина
References: WP II 261

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