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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *pek-u- (IndoIr -k'-)
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: sheep
Old Indian: páśu-, paśú- m., gen. paśváḥ `cattle, domestic or sacrificial animal'
Avestan: pasu- `sheep, goats', pasuka- `Haustier'
Other Iranian: MPers pah 'sheep', Kurd pas 'sheep', Sogd psw 'Haustier', Osset fys, fus `ram, sheep', KhotSak pasa- `sheep, goats', Pashto psǝ́ 'id.'
Baltic: *pek-u n.
Germanic: *fíx-u- n.; *fíx-a- n.; *fáx-az- n.
Latin: pecū, dat. -ū, pl. pecua n. `Vieh (coll.)', pecus, gen. -oris n. `Vieh (coll.); Kleinvieh, Schaf'; pecus, gen. -udis f. `Vieh (einz. Stück)'
Russ. meaning: скот (овца, овцы)
References: WP II 16 f

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