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Nostratic etymology :

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Eurasiatic: *ṗalV
Meaning: many
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *pelǝ- (here also *pelǝ- 'full, fill')
Altaic: *p`ŭle ( ~ -i)
Uralic: *paljV
Kartvelian: *pr-
Dravidian: *pal-
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *pǝl 'большой'
Comments: Cf. also PD *pol-i- (1426) [but maybe = PA *bi̯olo 'whole' 165]
References: МССНЯ 348; ND 1709 *[ṗ]olXE 'to fill', 1710 *ṗal̄yu 'much, superfluous' (hardly a justified division; on Drav. *pol- see above; + Sem. and Ang.).

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