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Eurasiatic: *ǯVrV
Meaning: to hate, be annoyed
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *ǯḕri
Kartvelian: *źar-; + Georg. ǯor- 'gründlich schelten'
Dravidian: SDr *Sūr- 'fear; disgust'; + SDr *ǯar_- 'to rebuke'
Comments: (PA *ǯḕri + Georg. ǯor-) Obviously more than one root.
References: ND 2677 *zeʕrV 'to hate, abhor, be annoyed' ( + ??IE *er- + Arab.); 2682 *źVrʕV 'fear, frighten' (Georg. from the same root + Drav. + Mong. sür); 2786 *ǯäʔ[o]rV 'to blame, scold, be annoyed' (same Alt. + Georg. ǯor- + Dr. *ǯar_- + SH).

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