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Eurasiatic: *Horä
Meaning: to rise; move, go
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *or(u̯)-, *ŏr-ei̯ǝ-; *(o)rewǝ- / *(o)rowǝ- 1332
Altaic: *ṓŕi
Kartvelian: Georg. r- 'to go, walk, ride'
Dravidian: *ēr_- (*-d_-)
Comments: Cf. also: PAA *ī́re 'to enter', PCK *'re- id.
References: ОСНЯ 1, 254, МССНЯ 355; ND 83 *ʔuŕE 'top', 816 *.erU ~ *.orE 'go upwards, rise'; 1954 *rUʔV 'go away, run' (?+ Eg, Cush, Chad).

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