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Nostratic etymology :

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Eurasiatic: *ʔelA
Meaning: to be, live
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *ēlV; + *ilV 'to stand, become'
Uralic: *elä-; *le (476)
Kartvelian: *el- [but Kartv. *xl- 'to be near' is probably < 'to be in front', see *HalV]
Dravidian: *il-
References: МССНЯ 332, 341; ОСНЯ 1, 267-268. [Dolg. Ndr 25 *ʔel̄V 'clan, tribe', as well as 2578 [χ]elA 'to dwell, live', also adding some pronominal parallels meaning 'all'; there's also 27 *ʔil[a] 'place to stay, stand' where Dolgopolski attaches Drav. il- and some locative morphemes in various languages; 769 *hil̄[U] 'stand, be, exist' - in general, a lot of confusion].

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