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Nostratic etymology :

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Eurasiatic: *ni̯VĺV
Meaning: slime
Indo-European: *i̯ēl- (Pok. 504-505)
Altaic: *ni̯ā́ĺi (cf. also *làlè)
Uralic: *ńolke 'slime', ?n'ōle- 'lick'; ńila 'slime'; *ńOlV
Kartvelian: ? *nedl- ~ *ledl-
Dravidian: *ńōḷ-
References: ОСНЯ 2, 88-89; Tyler 101; ND 1595 *ńoGäl(y)V 'slime, tears, moisture, fluid; raw' (part of Alt., Ur., Drav. + Sem. and very dubious Chad.). In Ural. there are indeed two roots (with -o- and -i-), but attempts to etymologize them in ND 1596 *ńihla 'moist, slippy' (by dividing the Alt. *ni̯ā́ĺi and attracting Sem. *nVhl-) are hardly fruitful. Perhaps Ur. *ńol- < *lol- through dissimilation? (then it = PA *làlè).

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