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Afroasiatic etymology :

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Proto-Afro-Asiatic: *baʕVl-
Meaning: elder male relative in-law, husband
Semitic: *baʕl- 'husband, master, owner'
Central Chadic: *bVlaw- 'man' (?)
Saho-Afar: *ball-'father-in-law'
Low East Cushitic: *HVbbVl- 'brothers and sisters; relatives' ~ *bVHVl- `husband, lover' (<Sem?)
High East Cushitic: *bVHil- 'master' 1, 'friend' 2
South Cushitic: *balaʔ/ʕ- 'cross-cousin'
Notes: Related to *baʕVl- 'rule, command; own; be able'.

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