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Number: 2232
Proto-Semitic: *t_arb- {} *čarb-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: fat (animal)
Akkadian: (?) sarbu 'tallow, fat' LL [CAD s 175] (translated as 'Nässe' in [AHw 1029])
Phoenician: tbrt 'fat'
Judaic Aramaic: tǝrāb, tǝrēb, tarbā 'fat, abdominal fat' [Ja 1694]; trb [Sok 590]
Syrian Aramaic: tarbā 'pinguedo; caro (fructus)' [Brock 833]
Modern Aramaic: NASS tarba 'lard, fat' [Tser 0222] MMND terbā 'fat' [M MND 502]
Mandaic Aramaic: tirba 'fat' [DM 486]
Arabic: t_arb- 'saindoux, axonge' [BK 1 221]
Tigre: särbä 'partie de la jambe au-dessous du mollet' [LH 177 apud d'Abb]
Gafat: (?) buššǝra 'fat'
Harari: särba 'calf of leg' [LHar 142]
East Ethiopic: SEL säräba, WOL säräbä, ZWY särbä do. [LGur 559]
Gurage: CHA EŽA MUH MSQ GOG SOD säräba, GYE säräb_ä do. [ibid.]
Notes: Relying mainly on ARM and ARB.

    AKK s- is irregular and could in principle point to a borrowing from W. SEM.

    Tentatively compared to MOD ETH *sar(a)b- 'calf of leg' implying a meaning shift 'fat' > 'fatty part of leg'. According to Leslau, all EAST and GUR forms are from E. CUSH (OROMO sarbā, SAHO AFAR sarba, KAMB sarbé-ta, ALABA sarabi) [LGur 559]; if our comparison is correct, the direction of borrowing is reverse.

    Note TNA särbada 'muscolo dei fianchi vicino alla coscia' [Bass 177], with enigmatic d.

    [Brock 833]: SYR, ARM, ARB


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