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Number: 2554
Proto-Semitic: *yawn- ~ *wanay-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: dove
Ugaritic: ynt 'paloma' [DLU 531]. In cultic texts as a sacrificial bird (cf. ynt ḳrt 'domestic dove', lit. "city-dove" in 1.119:10).
Hebrew: yōnā 'dove' [KB 402], pB. [Ja. 570]. The main Hbr. term for dove attested in all varieties of texts, see [TDOT IV 32ff.] for more details.
Aramaic: D.-Alla ywn 'dove' [HJ 453]. In I.8 (context fragmentary, cf. [Hackett 49]). Sam. ywn 'he-dove', ywnh 'she-dove' [Tal 338].
Judaic Aramaic: yōnǝtā, yōnā 'dove' [Ja. 570], br ywwn 'turtledove' [Sok. 99], yawnā 'dove' [ibid. 237].
Syrian Aramaic: yawnā 'columba' [Brock. 300], [PS 1580].
Mandaic Aramaic: iuna 'dove' [DM 190].
Amharic: wane 'turtledove' [K 1541]. Cf. [DRS 562] for interesting remarks on the dialectal distribution of the term.
Notes: In Gez. and Amh. clearly related forms with -s are attested (wānos 'dove' [LGz. 615], wanos, wanäs 'pigeon' [K 1542]) which may be due to contamination of the present root with the name of the prophet Jonah (cf. Gez. yonās 'dove' [LGz. 627], according to Leslau "an interpretation of the proper name Jonah"). [KB 402]: Hbr., Jud., Arm., Ugr.; [Firmage 1154]: Hbr., Ugr., Arm., Gez. (wanos).

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