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Number: 2568
Proto-Semitic: *ḥi/unṭ-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: wheat, barley
Akkadian: uṭṭatu 'Getreide, Gerste, Korn' OAkk. on (AHw, 1446)
Ugaritic: ḥtt
Hebrew: ḥiṭṭā 'wheat' (HAL, 307)
Judaic Aramaic: ḥinṭǝtā 'wheat' (HAL, 307)
Syrian Aramaic: ḥeṭṭǝtā 'wheat' (HAL, 307)
Arabic: ḥinṭ-at-
Geʕez (Ethiopian): ḥǝṭṭ-ǝt-
Gurage: Cf. Gur. *anṭä 'to cut, reap cereals, harvest' (LGur., 76; derived by Leslau from Gur. arräṭä)
Jibbali: ḥiṭ 'food; beans; any cereal' (JJ, 119)
Soqotri: ḥinṭǝh 'wheat' (HAL, 307)

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