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Basque etymology :

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Proto-Basque: *limuri
Sino-Caucasian etymology: Sino-Caucasian etymology
Meaning: 1 moist, humid 2 slippery 3 smooth, soft 4 lewd 5 changeable (of weather)
Gipuzkoan: limuri 3, 4
High Navarrese: limuri 3
Low Navarrese: limuri 2, 5
Salazarese: linburi, limuri 2, 3, 5
Lapurdian: linburi 2, 3
Zuberoan: limuri, linburi 1, 2, 5
Comments: As to the form linburi, there are at least two possible explanations: (1) an excrescent /b/ before following liquid, typologically similar to Eng. timber, Old Saxon timber, Old High Ger. zimbar, Old Norse timbr, etc., from the IE root *dem- ‘build’; French chambre < Lat. camera, etc.; (2) Trask unequivocally regarded internal Bsq /m/ as derived from *nb (HB 133), though Mitxelena was somewhat more circumspect about this, discussing it at length (Fonética, chapter 18) and noting secondary cases of /nb/ such as (AN, B, G) ganbela ‘manger’ < Lat. camella (REW 1543). Some of these may be due to folk hypercorrections.

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