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Sino-Caucasian etymology :

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Proto-Sino-Caucasian: *q̇ăc̣V́
Meaning: piece; slice
Borean etymology: Borean etymology
North Caucasian: *q̇ăc̣ɨ̆ (~-ŭ)
Sino-Tibetan: *qāt
Burushaski: *qes- / *qhes-
Basque: *o=koc (-ć)
Comments and references : NSC 56 *q̇ac̣V. Cf. also Na-Dene 208 *q'euc 'tear, crack, split'; Bsq *a=kać / *ma=keć / *ma=kac 'nick, notch; fault', etc.

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