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Number: 34
Proto: *atV
> Nostratic: > Nostratic
English meaning: thing
German meaning: Sache, Ding
Finnish: asia 'Sache' ( > Saam. aš'še -šš- 'cause, reason; guilt')
Estonian: asi (gen. asja) 'Sache, Ding, Gegenstand, irgend etwas' (?)
Saam (Lapp): āttâ -đ- 'thing, thingamy', āttâ- -đ- 'do smth. indefinite' (N), āhta 'unbedeutende Sachen' (L)
Khanty (Ostyak): ot (V), ăt (DN), ȧ̆t (O) 'Sache, Ding', ot- (Vj.), ŏt- (Kaz.), ȧ̆t- (O) 'aufrichten, ausbessern, wiederherstellen'
Mansi (Vogul): ut (LO) 'Sache, Ding, Wesen', (N) 'Dings, etwas, was' (?)
Hungarian: izé (dial. izej, izeje, izély) 'Ding, Dings, Dings da'
K. Redei's notes: *i6t3
Addenda: ? Sk tak
K. Reshetnikov's notes: A quite strange case - vowel correspondences are absolutely irregular. The Mansi forms may be borrowed from Khanty. Hun. i- < *ɨ- (which could partly clarify the picture): doubtful because of the palatal vowel in the second syllable (iz-é, not **iz-a). The Lapp. form rather points to *ätV.
References: FUV; SKES; DEWO 207; Coll.CompGr 411; SzófSz.; MSzFgrE; TESz; Хелимский МКФУ-6 Тез.; Koivulehto über Fi \asia: Vir. 1982: 264.

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