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Yenisseian etymology :

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Proto-Yenisseian: *sī-
Sino-Caucasian etymology: Sino-Caucasian etymology
Meaning: to eat
Ket: sī (Кастр.) , praet. sīĺ, imp. *sīĺ (Werner 2, 191: śi4 / śij4)
Yug: sī (Кастр.) , praet. sīr, imp. sīr (Werner 2, 191: si:hj4, praet. sih:r)
Kottish: šig "Speise"
Arin: šau (М., Сл., Срсл.) id.
Pumpokol: sogo (Сл., Срсл., Кл.) "eat"
Comments: The Pump. forms dɨsian (Кл.), dɨsijan (Срсл.) are in reality Yug. In Ket cf. also śi:k3 (a suffixed form? cf. Yug /Werner 2, 205/ sījǝk id.) 'bait'. Werner 1, 360 <*siʔǝgǝ->. In ССЕ 274 I have reconstructed *siG- on the basis of the Kottish and Pumpokol forms. However, 4th tone in Ket śi4 and Yug si:hj4 recorded by Werner forces to change the reconstruction to *sī-, without any postvelar element: otherwise the tone would be 1 (in case of short *i) or 3 (in case of long *ī), see КС 196. The Kott. and Pump. forms are thus rather matching the suffixed forms Ket śi:k3, Yug sījǝk, see above.

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